I'm Listening T-shirt - $80


I'm Listening T-shirt - $80


The $45, $60 & $80 t-shirts are all physically the same. The difference is the amount of love you are able to give to show your support for women’s voices.

The $80 t-shirt is for people (legends) who have massive hearts and have enough moula to really make a splash. You know you want to. Go!

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What size should I get?

The t-shirts are a square cut (ok, usually called Men's cut - but anyone can wear a square cut t-shirt, seriously!) t-shirt and here is a sizing chart to make your life easier. 


When will I get my t-shirt?
To help reduce negative impact on the environment (and to help make this operation as streamlined as possible) we will be producing t-shirts in batches as they are ordered.
Exact delivery details are yet to be confirmed. If you place your order by 10 am on Monday 27th of August 2018 then we are hoping you will be able to pick up your t-shirt from Midnightsky Studio 2 at 101 Victoria Street in Fitzroy, Victoria. Proposed pick up dates/times are:

  • Friday 21st September between 10am and 5pm
  • Saturday 22nd September between 12pm and 2pm

If you choose the postage option we will post out to you on Friday 21st September and you will have your t-shirt in 3-5 working days (via Australia Post)

How does postage work?
If you choose to pick up you will pay no postage.
Otherwise we use Australia Post mailing satchels because they are recyclable through a company called TerraCycle.
Postage is $8.50 + $2 per t-shirt. So if you order one t-shirt that is $10.50 ($8.50 +$2 = $10.50). If you order 2 t-shirts that is $12.50 ($8.50 +$2+$2 = $12.50). If you order 10 t-shirts or more...well you can do the maths, I'll be too busy crying with gratitude for your generosity.

Can I pay with a credit card...what if I don't have paypal?
Yes, you can pay with a credit card. You just click the button that says "Pay with Paypal" (I know!) and then, on the next screen,  look for the option that says "Pay with your credit card". Sorry it is so boring, that's the way the technology cookie crumbles!

What kind of t-shirt is it?
Well, we are so glad you asked that question. The t-shirt is deeply ethical, soft and extremely well made. A fantastic fit. Everything about it is stunning. We are teaming up with ethical fashion label Dorsu to produce the t-shirts. You can read all about them here. In short the fabric is sourced from high quality remnant fabrics (that sometimes end up in landfill, if no one buys it), the warehouse is comfortable for the staff and the staff are paid a living wage. Your t-shirt is made with love and great skill by people who are happy and are paid a reasonable wage. That's how our clothing should be made...don't you think?   

Why is there only one option? What if I don't want a square cut, white with black writing on it t-shirt? What if I want a fluro tight fitting crop top with purple writing???? What am I going to do???!!!!
Ok, take a deep breath. We had to start out simple. This thing had to be achievable for us and easy for people to get their heads around. If lots and lots of people buy t-shirts then we will be more than happy to come up with many different options and styles. For now...let's jump this hurdle first. To fund Listening by Hand we need to sell around 250 t-shirts. Help us out with that and then we can talk about creating the every colour of the rainbow, every shape and size, I'm Listening t-shirt range, ok?

Ok. But seriously, why the square cut option?
This campaign is for every person to show their support for women's voices...but we kind of felt that it would be important for men to make visible their support. After the #metoo movement began a lot of our female friends were wondering where their male friends stood. So, we started with a t-shirt style that they would immediately see themselves in. If you like your t-shirt more fitted we recommend getting a needle and thread and crafting the t-shirt into the exact shape you want. That would be impressive. I'd share it on the social's for sure.

You keep saying "We" - who is this "We"?
Oh my! So many awesome people are standing behind this project. My mate Chris Haggart and I are the core team running the show. But for the full list of team members and contributions...go here.

Tell me more about Dorsu... 
Dorsu approached me (Luke) a while ago looking for a project we could work together on using my illustrations...I suggested the I'm Listening project might be a great way for us to work together. And here we are! When I was researching whether Dorsu was really good or just wanting to look like they were really good I spoke to a mate of mine who had been to the warehouse in Cambodia and knew Hanna who owns the company and he said "I couldn't recommend anyone more highly." When I met Hanna on one of her trips home to Australia I totally agreed. So, here we are!

If you want to look more closely at the style of the t-shirt go and have a look on Dorsu's website - here.

*throughout this website the terms “woman, women or female” refer to anyone who identifies as female and “man, men or male" refers to anyone who identifies as male.