How to get involved...

Thanks for your commitment to making more space for the voices of all women.

Telling your friends that you are committed to listening is a powerful way to create change.


  1. Download and share the I’m Listening banner.

  2. Buy and wear the t-shirt to show your support.

  3. Live the I’m Listening message

Download and share the
I’m Listening banner.

Using social media to share your commitment to listening is a powerful way to make visible your support for the voices of all women. But what to say?

Here are some tips for how to craft a great message:

  1. Download the I'm Listening banner here.

  2. Create a social media post using that banner

  3. In the post say you are committed to creating space for the voices of all women and so you joined the I’m Listening community.

  4. Explain why. This is where you talk about what impacts gender inequity has on you and the people around you. You can talk about the impacts on women in your life, but it can also be important to say that there are also negative impacts upon the lives of men (men are asked to act ‘tough’ not show their feelings…etc)

  5. Ask them to join us (particularly the fellas). Including this link –

Buy and wear the I’m Listening t-shirt.

You can show your support by buying your t-shirt here. It’s high quality, ethical, sustainable and comfortable.

Once you have your t-shirt wear it with pride. Use it as a reminder to yourself and the people around you to create space for the voices of all women.

People might be curious and ask you questions about what the t-shirt means. What a great opportunity to share the message! Keep it simple.

If you remember one sentence, it's this:

“I’m wearing this t-shirt because I’m committed to making space for the voices of all women”

Then talk from the heart. Share why it matters to you and how you feel all of our lives will be better as a result of listening.

We use the income from t-shirt sales to support projects that change behaviour and create more space for the voices of all women.

Live the I’m listening message.

You live the I’m Listening message by acting in ways that create more space for women’s voices.

For example:

  • Share women’s voices online. Repost articles that celebrate women’s voices. Acknowledge if a woman first shared it with you. Fill more of your social media feed and the content you consume with stuff made by women.

  • Speak up if you see something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Even if you’re not sure why…ask the question…(“Hey, that seemed a little out of place to me, what do you all think?”) By saying something you change the conversation and create an opportunity for others to reflect on the situation. If you are clear it is wrong don't be afraid to say so.

  • Create more space to listen to the women in your life. Every day you have a chance to listen more deeply to the women in your life. Remember, when you listen deeply there is no need to fix the problem or come up with solutions. The most important thing is to repeat back to the woman what you have heard them say and thank them for sharing with you. They will appreciate this more than any advice you could ever have given them!