Our Team

I'm Listening is made possible by an Advisory Panel of Women:

  • Bernadette McDonald
  • Caroline Buisson
  • Lina Patel
  • Patty Kinnersly 
  • Alison McDonald 

The project has also had invaluable, informal support by a group of men and women who are deeply committed to creating gender equity. Howard Prosser, Matt Wicking, David Kaldor, Cameron Elliott, Maree Cochrane and Natasha Blankfield have all helped make this project possible.  

Luke Hockley  and Chris Haggart are the core team supporting the I'm Listening project. We work together to create projects that help people appreciate how they can use the resources they have to make the world a better place.

All of  the men working on this project would like to acknowledge:

  • That women have been working for generations on creating gender equity.
  • That women don't need mens permission to do anything. 
  • Men have to take responsibility for their/our part in making this happen.
  • Our intention is for the "I'm Listening" project to be an example of that action.
  • We are open to learning as we go, if you have any comments, questions or feedback please get in touch.